Women of Windsor Essex project – Day 1

Today is a first day of my sketching for my new project:

Portrait series of women in Windsor Essex: traditional sketching in pencil and final portrait will be digital.

 Today I did fist sketches in my sketchbook for this project. For now I am just practicing drawing the faces and practicing different pencil strokes. So this week is all work will be done with traditional tools – physical sketchbook, pencil, later on will add watercolour and pen and ink. Next week I am planning to use IPAD pro And do sketches in two apps that I have to try drawing and painting with Apple Pencil. My first week will be to work out good composition layout and practice portrait drawing skill using traditional tools. 

I very happy and grateful to my friends in Windsor Essex who agreed to support this project. This will be digital portrait series of them.  Still working out the outline of the project. What is this project about – it is about so many wonderful women I met when we moved to Windsor. I am so inspired by my friends and feel very privileged to know them. 

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